Misunderstandings and social media are like two sides of the same coin. It’s almost impossible to read anyone’s emotions when you’re not able to see their face. Here are twelve such interesting misunderstandings which happened on various social media platforms to many unsuspecting people.

1. I Want To Die. On Social Media Of Course. 
My mom posted an unflattering picture of me on her Facebook. I commented ‘I want to die’. I ended up sitting through a 30-minute lecture where my mother tried to talk me out of suicide.”
Smh normies!
2. I Thought It Was An Emergency!
My mom messaged me on Facebook ‘COME HERE. COME HERE PLEEEASEE’, so thinking that it was an emergency, I rushed to her place two blocks away only to find that she needed help fixing her computer screen. She also needed me to turn her laptop’s caps lock off. Because of it all, I missed the bus and was late for an interview.”
3. Misunderstandings On Social Media Because of Facebook’s Algorithm Sucks.
I usually hit like on any Facebook friend’s post, but I didn’t know the Facebook feed was no longer in chronological order, meaning photos in my feed might have been posted days ago. Until one day I got a message from a girl who thought I was stalking her profile because I kept liking old pictures. She unfriended me before I could explain.”
4. Wink Wink.
Misunderstandings social media
” I was Facebook messaging my female boss, joking about work, when I ended my text with emoji😉. She thought I was flirting with her and rebuffed my advances.”
5. Social Media Misunderstandings Due To Laziness.
“I forgot to bring my phone to my son’s play. So I asked my ex to send me the pictures. That night I messaged her on Facebook “send pics pls.” Her boyfriend thought I was asking for nudes.”
6. Cool Story Bro.
My friend posted a link to his short story blog, and I unaware that it was a meme used to mock boring exposition, commented, “Cool story bro”. He messaged me saying he didn’t like my patronizing tone.
7. Searching For Someone’s Profile Eh?
Misunderstandings social media
“Searching for someone’s profile. I accidentally posted their name as a status update. The girl was not impressed. The wife was really not impressed.”
8. Misunderstandings. Misunderstandings.
My first post on a role playing forum was as a spy character, where I offered a group dirt on one of their members. The group that it was a real threat. Said I was trolling and banned me from the site.”
9. Social Media Turned Me Into An Asocial Person.
I posted as my Facebook status a quote from a novel about how my culture out too much emphasis on the young being respectful to the elders and not the other way around. My mom thought it was a poke at her over a minor quarrel we’d had a few days earlier (and by then I had forgotten all about itand sent me very long text scolding me for posting about a family quarrel for everyone to see on Facebook. It took a longer text message to convince her otherwise.”
10. I Love You Sexy. 
Misunderstandings social media
“My girlfriend texted me a funny joke and I forwarded it to one of my co-workers thinking she’d enjoy it too. I didn’t realize that my girlfriend had added an “I love you sexy”  at the bottom. My co-worker merely replied “OK” and we never spoke of it ever again.”
11. I Won. Really. 
Misunderstandings social media
“My friend excitedly texted me about their sweet victory and I wanted to see if he was kidding or not so I replied “Really?” He thought that I was being sarcastic… “
12. I Thought It Was Meme. 
“I woke up early one morning and started scrolling through my newsfeed half asleep. I thought I saw a meme and I ‘haha’ reacted on it. 15 minutes later, I get a call from my buddy saying I need to remove that ‘haha’ reaction from his profile picture…. “