You have probably noticed some of the unique abilities of your body that others around you don’t have. We have some unique tests you might be able to relate to this tests, that will tell you the meaning of your unique powers. There are so many things that prove you’re unique! All you need to do is just perform some tests and discover your body. You can try the following tests to see how unique your body is.

1. Goosebumps

That experience when you feel excited or touched while watching a sensitive scene, or something similar is called frisson, a French term meaning “aesthetic chills.” Some researchers even call it a “skin orgasm.” However, studies have shown that roughly 2/3 of the population knows how it feels. When we are cold, the muscles attached to our body hair shrivel, causing the hair to stand on end.

2. Sneezing with your eyes open


Closing our eyes while sneezing is just a reflex to prevent germs from going into our eyes. Our nose and eyes are linked by facial nerves, so the stimulation from a sneeze transfers one nerve to the brain and another to our eyelids, which makes most people blink. However, it’s possible for some people to sneeze with their eyes open.

3. Touching your nose with your tongue

One of the most common tests is to touch your nose with your tongue. This ability is known as the Gorlin sign in the medical world. Only 10% of the population can do it as it’s a genetic trait. However, you can train your tongue to reach your nose.

4. A tendon on your wrist

Tests That Reveal The Unique Of Your Body


This muscle, which looks like a small tendon, is called the Palmaris Longus, and it helps us to flex our wrist. However, some of us have it, and some don’t. There are other muscles in your forearm that also do this job, so you don’t really need the tendon’s help. It was useful for our ancestors who used their forelimbs to move around. If you don’t have this prominent feature, congrats! You’re among the 10–15% of humans on Earth who were born without it in one or both of their arms.

5. Heterochromia iridis

Tests That Reveal The Uniqueness Of Your Body

People with central heterochromia have different colors in the same eye, while complete heterochromia is when a person has 2 differently colored eyes. One reason for heterochromia is genetic inheritance. Another reason is when it is acquired as the result of a disease or an injury. Some statistics show that approximately 1% of the world’s population might have this trait.