Gaana has a vibrant interface which looks more inviting than the other options. The service also supports gapless playback (by preloading the next song), unlike others where you’ll hear a brief pause between two songs. This is a setting that can be turned off, but we recommend that you leave it on.


  1. Free music stream with add supported
  2. Lice and lovely interface
  3. Songs library is limited, you won’t find all the songs on gaana


  1. Lots of add for free version
  2. Downloading and offline songs not available ( you needs to be paid member to listen to already downloaded songs too)
  3. Pricey at 99/month

Music Offline

Music offline is a recent music streaming app that allows you to download music free of cost. However, you don’t have the option to manage your own playlist.

Download latest hindi songs




  1. Totally free and Add-free
  2. Downloading of songs available
  3. Biggest music library
  4. You can download music and play it from any music player unlike other apps
  5. Puzzle Addon, that you need to solve while listening to the song.


  1. No Option to manage your own playlist
  2. UI is very simple with less option


Hungama is one of the most cluttered music streaming apps available right now, but it has some interesting features that can help make up for this. When you play any song, Hungama automatically downloads it for offline use as well (if you are a pro user). It also has a nice tool for discovering music – you select your mood, and Hungama recommends songs, which works pretty well, though the recommendations tend to be only recent songs. Unfortunately, the library isn’t very good with this service. We found that a lot of songs available in the other services were missing in Hungama.


  1. Automatic downloading; Good song recommendations


  1. Hard to use UI; Inferior library
  2. Pricey at Rs. 120/month that approx 4000 rs per year


Saavn’s UI falls in the middle ground between Gaana and Wynk – it is clutter free though and strikes a good balance. The library is good, but you’ll have to spend time searching for songs and making your own playlists because most of the curated lists here seemed quite mediocre.


  1. Simple UI; Big library


  1. Very Pricey
  2. Occasional Crashed
  3. Pro-lite supports only 1 device

Download limits to 3 GB even when you are pro member



If you are looking for paid music app with loads of feature, needs to manage playlist, Gaana is a good choice for you. However, if you are just looking to listen and download music free of cost and not looking for Feature like playlist managing, then of course Music Offline is the solution got you