High Jack A stoner comedy that fails to serves up big laughs.


Critic’s Rating: 2/5

Story: A flight from Goa to Delhi is hijacked by some disgruntled employees of the airline, as they look to settle scores with the owner. Caught mid-air in this situation are a high-on-drugs DJ, a crabby middle-aged couple and many other passengers. The DJ manages to drug the others on the flight as well and what ensues is a bizarre sequence of events.

Review: A DJ (Sumeet Vyas), who promises to rescue his father’s dispensary from penury by playing at a New Year’s gig in Goa, finds out that his plans have gone awry because he has been tricked. The party turns out to be a hoax and he is left stranded in Goa without any money. During a night of intoxication, he agrees to carry drugs with him on his flight back in exchange for money. To rid himself of nervousness he takes the drugs while on the flight. A hijack of the aircraft by the airline’s employees ensues with Vinit (Mantra) heading the mission. That sums up the wafer-thin plot of the film.

The writers seem to have suffered a case of writers block while penning the script. Despite its short running time, the film feels like a drag as it doesn’t seem to know where it’s headed. The track involving a middle-aged man, a Pakistan hater, who constantly bickers with his wife, who eyes the DJ unabashedly, seems forced. A smattering of smart alec one-liners feature in the film and the worst of the lot is the one involving a ‘knock knock’ joke. Sample this: “Knock! Knock!, Who’s there? Hi, Hi who, Hi-jack”.

Director Akarsh Khurana clearly set out to make a satire on political and social issues, but his film’s narrative doesn’t hit the bull’s eye. Neither does the film manage to be a witty dark comedy nor an intelligent and sharp satire. Sumeet Vyas, who has displayed comic chops in his earlier outings, is competent but doesn’t have enough matter to do justice to his role. Mantra as the leader of the hijackers has a limited range of expressions. The otherwise excellent actor, Kumud Mishra is straddled with a clichéd role.

The film’s music by an ensemble set of musicians, including Nucleya, manages to hit the right notes though. ‘High Jack’ parades itself as a stoner comedy but after viewing it, you’d be left wondering if you need to be intoxicated to enjoy this cock-and-bull story. Even by the standards of stoner comedies, this one’s like a school skit.


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