Dinesh Karthik and Hardik Pandya are very good buddies and we get to see instances of the same in almost every match. They always be together during overseas tours.

We can’t help but adore their friendship on social media platforms. Their friendship went a bit over the top as Pandya expressed his love for Karthik on his Instagram account. He posted a picture of the two and captioned it as “My No.1 Love”. To add to it, he used heart smileys!

Here’s the pic;

My no. 1 love ❤️ @dk00019

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After seeing such an overflow of love, fans too started posting happy comments. However, there was one person who got a bit jealous on seeing this picture. It’s none other than Karthik’s wife Dipika Pallikal.

Just like other wives, even she showed some possessiveness towards her husband. In the comments section below, she wrote, “Clearly, I’ve been replaced!! Thanks guys!”

Every wife has the same reaction when she sees her husband getting more close to his friend than to her. Dinesh Karthik will have to do a lot of “Buttering” now, LOL.

I am sure even she’s happy seeing the duo together! That “Nautanki” was just to show how much she loves her hubby.