s we already know the brain is the most mysterious and complex organ of the body. So scientists cannot stop digging into its secrets. And each time they do so they come up with new revelations. These facts show how we unknowingly influence our brain towards bad.

1. Lack of sleep is frustrating your mind.

Bad Influence on brain

Don’t you feel cool when you update a status say 3 o’clock in the morning writing that you are an insomniac? Not sleeping at night has become a trend now. But the University Of California has talked about its consequences. It leads to brain deterioration or worse memory loss.

2. You should throw away stress out of the window.

Bad Influence on brain

Stresses influence our brain in a very bad way. And prolonged stress can destroy your mind. It straightaway causes mental disorder or mental illness.

3. Falling in love.

Bad Influence on brain

We fall in love with our hearts is a myth. Love stops our head from logical thinkings and judgements.

4. A dehydrated brain is a thing.

Bad Influence on brain

Just like watering a plant, we must water our brains to grow and develop. If not followed, it slows down brain activities, resulting in lack of concentration and short-term memory.

5. Pregnancy can influence a woman’s mind.

Bad Influence on brain

You must have heard about physical changes during pregnancy, but it also influences the brain. Studies over the years have revealed that during pregnancy the part of the mind which is responsible for understanding the thoughts, beliefs and intentions of others, becomes immensely active.

6. Sweets are not very sweet for brains.

Bad Influence on brain

They are bad and cause great damage. Recently scientists have worked out a study and declared that too much of sugar slows down the thinking process.

7. Romance and mother’s love are linked.

Bad Influence on brain

You might be wondering how? Yeah, there are differences like the sexual urge in romance. But as maternal love is the first love a person experiences, it’s the reason how the feeling being initiated and stays with the person for life.

8. Paintings influence and nourish it.

Bad Influence on brain

It promotes the mind to conceptualize and imagine. It also increases the memory relocation skills in mind and shapes and nurtures the brain.

9. Reading is an important exercise for it.

Bad Influence on brain

That’s why they say books are great teachers. The brain functions very actively while reading, it might as well activate the parts of your brain which are not used otherwise. Of course, concentration and cognition are increased.

10. It develops by 25.

Bad Influence on brain

And that’s too bad. Just like our body, our mind develops at a certain age. There’s a part of our mind known as the prefrontal cortex, which functions as controlling the impulse. Unfortunately, it doesn’t develop until you are in your 20s.

11. Characteristics of the brain we all need to know.

Bad Influence on brain

The average brain size is 3 pounds. Although average men’s measure 2.9 pounds (1,336 grams) and women’s measure 2.6 pounds (1,198 grams). It’s bad our mind consists of 60% of the fat and is said to be the fattest organ.

12. What makes up most of it?

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Almost 76% of the brain consists of neo-cortex. And not to forget, every important function is allocated in this part like consciousness, language, sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, etc.