Twitteratis never misses a chance of trolling Celebrity tweets and posts. But these time what’s getting trolled is related to the government of India. As the price of petrol is increased social media users are expressing their views in a humorous way. In some states, the price of petrol has reached Rs. 84.

Many funny tweets and comments on the social media could make anyone laugh. And this time Bollywood celebs too are not behind in this race. Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet about this issue a few years ago is getting trolled and it’s hilarious.

The actor wrote in 2012 about fuel hike –

And this trolling game didn’t end here. Social media users managed to highlight this tweet in their own way.

Fans are also expecting the celebrities to take a stand on this issue. Some commented saying, from now on people should opt for bicycle or depend on their legs for going somewhere. A Twitterati wrote, “need a new god who turns water into petrol”.

Now take a look at these memes they are leaving the comments behind in case of hilariousness.

The creativity of these Twitteratis cannot be ignored. They took a serious topic on another level and gave a reason to the social media users to laugh as no one can do anything about the increase in petrol prices now. A good laugh could help in relieving stress for the people who are not happy with this decision of the government. Akshay Kumar once tweeted about using a bicycle and he got trolled very badly for his tweet. Later on, he deleted this Tweet.

These trolls are also raising arguments between government supporters and op-posers. Well everyone’s expressing their anger and grief in a funny way on social media. What’s your call on a sudden hike in petrol prices?